Sky Blue Sofa concrete5 Add-Ons How the 'Pink Spoon Marketing' Addon Works

How the 'Pink Spoon Marketing' Addon Works

Setting Up a Campaign

You'll find a list of your Pink Spoon campaigns on the dashboard listed under 'Sky Blue Sofa Web Design'.


You'll add the information for your campaign. There are 5 tabs and each field has notes about how it works.


Adding Blocks to Your Site

There are two blocks included with Pink Spoon Marketing:

  • Email Gatherer
    This block lets your visitors give you their email address (and name, if you've setup your campiagn that way) 
  • The Gift
    Once your visitors signup, they will receive an email with a link to get the gift they signed up for. This block goes on that page and allows the visitor to download their gift.

Putting It All Together

Here's the flow for how Pink Spoon Marketing addon works:

  1. A site administrator begins to set up a campaign, filling out everything except the 'Gift Page'. We'll create that next.
  2. A site administrator creates the 'Gift Page' making sure that all the 'Exclude from...' page attributes are checked (otherwise people will be able to get to the 'Gift Page' through a search engine or page list.)
  3. A site administrator adds 'The Gift' block to the 'Gift Page', selecting the new campaign.
  4. Go back to the campaign in the dashboard and select 'The Gift' page that you just added 'The Gift' block to.
  5. A site administrator adds the 'Email Gatherer' block to other pages of the site. Until the campaign is activated, visitors won't see this block on the page.
  6. When everything is setup the way it should be, activate the campaign (through one of the blocks or the 'Pink Spoon' dashboard page).
  7. Someone visits your site, sees the signup form, and fills it out.
  8. The visitor's information is added to the campaign.
  9. A unique code is created and emailed to the visitor along with the URL to the page where 'The Gift' block is setup.
  10. The visitor gets the email from your site and clicks the link.
  11. The system checks the unique code and tracks the click
  12. The sysetm shows the appropriate information: the link to the gift, or a denied message.
  13. The user clicks on the link to download the gift. The system records the click and then proceeds to let the user download the file.